Andreas Peyer

Born in 1969, father, trained as a designer, self-employed since 1991, guest lecturer at the Zurich School of Economics, Co-President of the Peyersche Tobias Stimmer Foundation, co-owner of Peyer Brader.

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Tomas Brader

Born in 1977, father, trained as a structural draughtsman, multimedia designer SAE, self-employed since 2000, guest lecturer at the F+F School of Art and Design Zurich, worked at Microsoft Seattle/Zurich for many years, co-owner of Peyer Brader.

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Peyer Brader for the public sector, banks, insurance companies, services, production, education, catering, culture

  • Allreal
  • Credit Suisse Asset Management
  • Digitalparking
  • Enzler Reinigungen
  • ib legal
  • Zurich Cantonal Police Department
  • Parkingpay
  • Manoa Landscape Architects
  • UBS Pension Fund
  • Restaurant Jurablick
  • Civil Engineering Office of the City of Winterthur
  • UBS Switzerland AG