New kid on the block

What is a block? A primal form, an archetype. This block is even more than that: skilled craftsmanship. A cuboid made of spruce, created by fusing the formats DIN A4 and A3, aesthetically and precisely constructed. The block is designed to be used. You can experiment with it, like with building blocks; you can put things on it that are important to you; you can use it as a support, stage, platform and weight, you can take it to bed with you if you need somewhere to put your teacup or book or notebook. The block also acts as a brake block, countering the highly ambivalent values of the post-digital culture of acceleration, defying the ubiquity of transience and short-lived pseudo-design. It is angular, compact and dependable and stands out from the crowd in an age of trivialities and half-measures.

Laminated spruce/hollow, LWH 420x297x210 mm CHF280 excl. VAT/shipping on request

Photos: Mirjam Kluka